Our School - Nutcracker Ballet is named after the inspiration from one of the most
popular ballet performances, primarily performed around the Christmas time.

The Nutcracker Story
The Nutcracker Ballet is a fairy tale-ballet based on the story "The Nutcracker and the King of
Mice" written by E.T.A. Hoffman.

The story of a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and a fierce battle against
a Mouse King with seven heads.

When Marius Petipa had t he idea to choreograph the story into a ballet, it was actually based
on a revision by Alexander Dumas, a well known French author. His version reflects more of
what we have come to love as the Nutcracker Ballet. Alexandre Dumas adaptation of the story
was set to music by Tchaikovsky in 1891

If you would like to know what is Nutcracker's Identity? Please do not hesitate to visit our School
Bandar Sungai Long.

About Us - Nutcracker Ballet Academy
The Nutcracker Ballet Academy is one of the most prominent dance school to provide
excellence education and training specialized in Ballet. The academy's principal aim is to train
the young ballet dancers to reach their maximum potential both technically and artistically. The
programs foster discipline and focus, which provides students with life long skills that they may
draw upon whether they enter the professional world of dance or pursue other endeavours.

Why Ballet
Ballet has always been a popular activity in many countries. Ballet is using its movement and
gesture to express inner feelings and outside experiences which cannot be expressed in
words. It combines feeling, thinking and doing. It is one of the most ideal activity for the young
children to naturally respond to rhythm, mood and music. Through the dance class, they will
learn body control, mobility and flexibility, co-ordination, posture, strength and the use of energy.
It also promotes health, increased confidence, self-esteem, concentration and self-discipline.

Ballet, which is a theatrical art, should only be learnt from qualified teachers such as those in
the Royal Academy of Dance, who can hand on to their pupils not only the technique and great
traditions of the art, but most importantly, the love of dance.  
Nutcracker Ballet Academy



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